How to Get the Header Row of a Table to Repeat on Multiple Pages

A table header is not necessarily new. It can be repeated on each page, but only as a visual change, not a functional one.

Microsoft Word’s Table Properties dialog box provides a streamlined interface to set up and control the table’s finer points. The table’s top row may not be replicated at all, but there’s a way to make it do the heavy lifting.

To set up the table’s main headline, open the table, select the top row, and right-click. From there, choose Insert > Rows above. This will replicate the header’s top row.

In the Table Properties dialog box, check the option to repeat the top row on every page. Alternatively, you can configure Excel to do the same thing.

Microsoft Office’s built-in table formatting features allow users to format tables in a manner that will keep all rows together on each page. They can also enable a table to move to a new page without breaking the table. However, some Word users might wonder why their table is not moving on its own.

If you’re not sure if you’re getting the best out of your table’s features, there are a few ways to test. You can use the Print Titles command to print out some useful tidbits. Or, you can put all of the pages in a separate worksheet.

One of the better options is to try out the nifty table-wide tool. This allows you to toggle between the different table layout modes. When you’re in Paged mode, the table’s headline will be repeated on each page, while the table’s bottom row won’t.