How to Get Pictures Off Broken Phones

You may be able to recover pictures from a broken phone using one of several methods. However, it’s important to follow best practices for protecting your data.

Most Android phones store their photos in the inserted SD card. If you’re able to get your phone to work, you can use the SD card to recover the photos from your broken device. Another option is to use your phone’s internal storage. It’s also possible to copy the images to your PC.

To use these methods, you’ll need a working USB port and an OTG cable. After you’ve connected your phone to your computer, you’ll need to select the pictures you want to recover. This is usually done through a folder that is called DCIM.

Once you have your chosen pictures, you can drag them to your PC. In addition, you’ll need to select a backup password. Then, you’ll need to wait for the process to complete. When it is complete, you can either save the recovered pictures to your computer or move them to a new Android device.

In some cases, you’ll need to buy a license key to download the images. You can do so with DiskInternals Uneraser. Just make sure to buy the license before you start the process.

PhoneRescue for Android is another program you can use to recover your pictures from a broken phone. With this program, you can retrieve contacts, messages, and app documents. Before you can begin using this program, you’ll need to connect your Android phone to your PC.