How to Find Post You Liked on Instagram

One of the most popular social media platforms is Instagram. This app allows users to interact with their friends and followers by liking and commenting on posts. However, many may not be aware that it also lets users view all of the posts that they have liked. Here’s how to do it.

To access the information, you’ll need to be logged into your account. You can access this information from the profile menu. From the menu, you can choose which posts to like or delete. Alternatively, you can filter them by date, user, or preference.

access the information
Image by Maria Raquel from Pixabay

Once you’ve selected your preferences, you’ll be taken to your profile page. There you can view all the posts that you have liked, tagged, or commented on. Then, you can scroll down to see older posts.

If you aren’t satisfied with the list, you can click the “unlike” button to change your preference. Alternatively, you can press the heart icon on a post to like it.

In the mobile version of Instagram, you can only view the last 300 posts you’ve liked. As for the web app, you’ll be able to see the oldest posts. And, if you want to find a particular post, you can scroll down to the bottom of the list.

You can also use the “tap link” feature to leave your contact information, which can be used by others to follow you. It’s a useful feature if you’re looking to get more personal with your followers.