How to Change Toner on Brother Printer

When a Brother printer runs out of toner, the printer stops working. The printer will then display an error message that says “Replace Toner” or “Toner Ended.” A new toner cartridge should be inserted into the printer. You should wait for the printer to recognize the new toner before you start printing.

If your Brother printer continues to produce a No Toner message, it may be because the toner chip is deformed or damaged. If the chip is broken or has been chipped, it will need to be replaced. You can try to clean the chip surface with a non-woven fabric or industrial alcohol.

Once you have cleaned the chip, you need to remove the drum unit from the printer. This can be done by opening the front cover on the printer.

After you have opened the front cover, you need to place a piece of paper on the drum unit to catch any spills. You also need to wait for the machine to cool down.

You must then push the green lock lever on the side of the toner cartridge to release the toner. Replace the toner by pushing the new cartridge into the drum unit.

Then, you can insert the drum unit assembly back into the printer. Finally, you can start printing. However, you need to reinstall the black cartridge last.

When replacing the toner, you should also be sure to replace the corona wire. Corona wire is a wire that connects the drum to the printer. It can become clogged with toner powder and get dirty. Therefore, cleaning the corona wire is a good idea.