How to Change Highlight Color in Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC provides the ability to change the color of your highlighter. It also provides the ability to set your default highlighter color. However, it’s not as easy as changing the color of a word on Microsoft Word. So, here are some tips to help you get started.

To change the color of your highlighted text, you must first right-click on it and select Properties. This will open a dialog box. You can also change the opacity of the color by using the slider. Once you’ve selected a color, click OK. The new color will be applied to your highlight.

Another way to change the color of your highlight is to use the Adobe Photoshop toolbar. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to highlight the text.

After highlighting the text, you can change the opacity of the color. There is a slider in the Adobe Photoshop toolbar. If you need a wider range of colors, you can access the Tool Properties menu.

Changing the color of the highlight is simple and easy. You can also use the Highlighter toolbar to choose a color for your highlights. When you’re done, click OK to save your changes.

Adobe Reader also allows you to change the color of the pen icon. To do this, click on the icon on the toolbar. You can then choose a color from the palette. Select the desired highlight and click OK.

In the Adobe Reader, you can also change the color of the opacity. For example, you can make your highlight color yellow, but leave the opacity at its current level.